Leclerc Compact JackLoom


Leclerc Compact JackLoom

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  • Wire shuttle 6122-3000
  • 1 Ros hook 6141-7000
  • 2 rods of encroix " 4 iron bars
  • 2 ropes
  • 2 canvases
  • Instructions and assembly video
  • The book "Warping and Weaving

A solid and stable 4-slat loom that folds to 25" (63 cm) deep. A loom with independent action for each blade frame.

The design of the loom includes an anti-tilt leg which gives it a very good stability. The pitch opening is always perfect, no matter the binding.

On the lift step, the cover is removable to allow for the placement and removal of the heddles (needles). These are 12½" (31,7 cm) long. Each frame has an independent action and is guided in the ends to avoid friction with the others. The blade frames are pushed by a mechanism underneath, which balances these so that they lift both ends perfectly. The loom has a polyvinyl base to hold it securely to the floor. The system of attaching the pedals is easy. It is equipped with a friction brake giving perfect tension to the chain. The front beam is removable for easy threading and the rear beam is also removable for winding out of the loom. All looms are equipped with a


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