Loom - Mighty Wolf 36" - Schacht | PRE-ORDER

Schacht Spindle Company

Loom - Mighty Wolf 36" - Schacht | PRE-ORDER

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Expected delivery, approx. 6-8 weeks.

Schacht designed the Mighty Wolf for weavers who like the Baby Wolf model but want a wider width.

The Mighty Wolf uses the same X-shaped structure as the other Wolf models, providing a solid base while allowing the loom to be folded. This loom folds easily with or without a warp and can therefore be folded in mid-project.

It features a raised frame with convenient storage space.

Available in the 8-shaft model or 4 Now and 4 Later.

The 4 Now and 4 Later model is actually an 8-shaft loom that ships with 4 shafts already installed as well as the space to add 4 additional frames. You may decide to add 4 more frames later.

These looms are shipped with the needles (smooth), fasteners and all items normally included with an 8-shaft loom.

Taller weavers should consider ordering the Mighty Wolf with the extension that raises the loom 2″, providing more legroom.

The extension allows you to raise the loom height by 2 inches, making it the same height as the Standard Floor model.

The adjustable clapper allows you to raise or lower the shuttle stroke position if needed. The Mighty Wolf uses a friction brake on the rear beam that allows the chain to move forward smoothly.

The wood used is sustainably grown in the forests of northern Michigan and Canada. The oil used to finish the shuttles is applied by hand (not sprayed) and is free of ozone-depleting drying agents.

Made to order in Boulder, Colorado

Shipping time of 5 to 6 weeks.

Harness Options:
4N4L with Height Extender
8 with Height Extender
Steel Hub Friction Brake
Brake Release Foot Pedal
Aluminum Harness Channels
Attached Beater Pin
Stainless Steel Heddle Bars
Stainless Steel Reed (Choice Of 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 or 20 Dent)
1000 Inserted Eye Heddles
2 - Lease Sticks
3 - Apron Bars
Brass Reed Hook
14 - Apron Cords
80 - Tie Up Cords
Weaving Width: 36"
Instruction Manual

Schacht is a Colorado-based company whose mission is to spend every day making useful and beautiful tools that enhance their customers' weaving experience. Through innovative problem solving, craftsmanship and a commitment to continuous improvement, Schacht makes some of the most modern and easy-to-use looms and accessories on the market.

Made to order. Shipped within 5 to 6 weeks.

Please see our shipping information for important details on loom deliveries. If you have any questions about shipping, please contact info@irenetextile.com

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