Weaving Big on a Little Loom

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Weaving Big on a Little Loom

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For intermediate and advanced crafters, these eight illustrated loom weaving projects help you create sustainable, attractive, and useful textile pieces for your home and wardrobe—or to give as gifts. This step-by-step guide to weaving large projects on a little loom is packed with over 200 color photographs.

Use your frame loom to create eight large, impactful weaving projects, including an oversized scarf, a snood, a shoulder bag, a mesh shopping bag, a bathroom mat, a table runner, and two types of cushions. With straightforward instructions, weave patterns, and vivid color photography, this helpful how-to guide leads you through each step of these inspired projects.

First, choose your materials, focusing on finding the best, most sustainable textiles and yarns for your project. Next, learn about a special type of frame loom with a detachable top and bottom bar that will enable you to create pieces up to six and a half feet in length. Learn how to create 8 different weave structures, then, try your hand at each of the eight creative large-scale loom projects that are sure to impress family and friends. Once you're finished, you can proudly wear, carry, or display your contemporary weave work anywhere. You can also learn how to make your own frame loom for large projects using a simple guide.


Titre :Weaving Big on a Little Loom: Create Inspired Larger Pieces
Format :Couverture souple
Dimensions de l'article :144 pages, 10.65 X 8.35 X 0.75 po
Dimensions à l'expédition :144 pages, 10.65 X 8.35 X 0.75 po
Publié le :24 mai 2022
Publié par :Chronicle Books
Langue :anglais
ISBN: 9781648961229


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